Sukoski Bros. is an art duo bringing effortless and natural wedding images to unique couples through photojournalism and editorial style photography. Our home base is in Oakland and Chicago but we are available for travel and elopements.

Alec & Billy

Actual brothers.
Hat enthusiasts.
Hip-Hop connoisseurs.
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Hey, we're Alec & Billy

We are a couple of brothers who grew up in San Luis Obispo, CA and now shoot sweet couples all over the place. Billy is a professional thrift store shopper and Alec is a self proclaimed pun master and dad joke teller. Together we have a blast traveling and photographing our friends. Our clients tend to become friends by the time our work is done. Backyard BBQs, happy hours, coffee, golf, playing pool, beach days, are all things we have enjoyed doing with our couples. What's next?
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Los Gatos, CA
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